Childbirth Education Series

We are taught from our youth that birth is an emergency that is scary and excruciating.  Many women go into labor fearing the worst for her, and maybe even her baby.  Ask around and you no doubt will hear an abundance of horror stories.  You may even have one yourself from a previous birth.  I am here to tell you…




With the proper education and support, you can achieve a relaxed, peaceful, beautiful birth that leaves you feeling whole, not just thankful that you and your baby survived.




The greatest tool that anyone can have is that of education.  When you are knowledgeable on something, you can make informed choices, stand strong, be empowered to achieve your dreams.  Through this Childbirth Education Series, that is just what you can expect!

The benefit of taking an out-of-hospital childbirth education course is that you are not being “groomed” on how to be a good patient but instead are treated as a unique individual with your own needs and desires while receiving a more balanced view of your options.

A few things you can expect to learn through this in-depth, evidence based, 5-week course series:

  • what to expect in the last half of your third trimester

  • what to look for in early labor, each stage of labor and birth

  • pain-management options for working through these stages, and those that are safest for both you and your baby

  • what to expect after your birth, including basics of breastfeeding and key topics that parents will deal with in the first 6 weeks of their baby’s life outside of the womb

  • your rights as a birthing woman, as well as the importance of your partner, and the benefits of a doula

  • what you can expect in a hospital setting and what your other birth location options are 

  • Developing a birth plan for your care provider

  • and more!!!

Each class is 2 hours long. 

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