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Birth Plan Consultation

$125: Full Birth Plan Preparation involves a two hour in-person consultation to go over all of the details, answer any questions you may have, as well as consideration of alternative situations and how you might want those handled.  We will discuss your rights and responsibilities so that you can be informed to advocate for yourself.  I then will draw up the plan, submit it to you for any final revisions, along with a resource page so that you can have in hand evidence based information to support your wishes.

$75: Basic Prep Birth Plan is all digital.  You can email me your birth plan questions, along with your birth wishes, and I then construct a hospital/birthing center-friendly plan around that, along with a resource page for you to have evidence based information in hand to support your wishes.

$25: Quick Tips Birth Plan is great for those who have already done this and know how you want things done.  With this plan, I just proof your birth plan and offer suggestions for you to consider adding/changing.

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