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Lactation Counselor (Student LC)

What is a Lactation Counselor?  As a lactation counselor, I am trained in breastfeeding and lactation education and support.  With this training, I am better able to support you in the immediate postpartum time to help you and your baby start your breastfeeding relationship off strong and to help you continue breastfeeding/lactating for as long as you want/need. 


I can teach you and your support network the superior benefits to breastfeeding your baby.  I can help you learn how to get your baby properly latched onto the breast, show you various positions for holding your baby while breastfeeding, as well as how to tell that your baby is feeding properly and getting what s/he needs for proper growth.  I can also help problem solve complications that may arise and can help resource you to proper medical care if you should need further help. 


Along with supporting the mother, I can also provide education to other family members so that everyone can provide optimal support for the breastfeeding mother.  A well supported mother has a much greater chance at succeeding in her breastfeeding relationship with her child.

Along with breastfeeding, I can help you with other lactation needs, such as finding comfortable clothes, nipple care, how to pump and store breastmilk, and even healthy nutrition for the breastfeeding mother.  And for those supporting the breastfeeding/lactating mother, ways that they can help keep her healthy, successful, and how to continue to bond with her and the new baby.


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