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Making Memories

One of the greatest privileges I have had through my career has been the families that I have been made a part of through friendship. This family has been one of those. They have also forever impacted my life.

Over the years, I have seen many memes shared about why professional photography is so important. There are memes, and then there is real life. I will never forget the day. Not long after I did their family pictures, they tragically lost one of their family members. I was so thankful to have been able to capture memories of this family while they could all be together one last time. It has been a reminder of why I am really doing what I am doing.

Make memories! Have no regrets!

So, I write this blog in memory of you, Justin Logan. You are always loved and never forgotten.

"As happy as I am about how this photoshoot turned out, it is bittersweet because Justin is not here to be a part of them." Robin

In typical Alabama fashion, you get something scheduled for outside and the weather is NOT going to cooperate. So, I ended up having to shoot what I could and then reschedule to finish. I am so glad that Robin is so patient and understanding. This is the second time I have had to do this with them, both times due to storms.

And of course, what is a family picture without real personalities? "Presley’s expression makes the picture, in my opinion. It’s classic Presley."

This little girl is a little diva in the making! She loves her make-up, glitz and dresses. And such a sweet heart too.

This little guy is a whirlwind that I am enjoy watching grow up.

I love watching the family interactions. So much love!

This little guy is not lacking in love at all.

Best big brother award really needs to go to this big brother. He is so patient and tender with his younger siblings, setting such a great example for them to follow.

Robin, you are richly blessed, beautiful, and rockin' this thing called motherhood!

"I chose to have these pictures done not only to record the changes as my children grow, but because, knowing the pain of losing one, having these memories are extremely important to me. The kids really like walking around, and loved the animals. Presley came home talking about the really big puppy, and Payton thought it was funny how the horse kept following him. Dressing fancy and getting her pictures taken is one of Leecie’s favorite activities." Robin

I love you all bunches and want to say thank you once again for letting me be a part of these wonderful memories you and your family made.

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