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Birth Doula

What is a Doula?  That word is funny sounding and many have never heard of a doula, let alone know what one is.  

The word doula is originally Greek.  The Greek word δούλα (feminine noun) means a “woman who serves.”  Very simply, doulas are trained to support women (and partners) at the end of their pregnancy, through labor, birth, and the "fourth trimester".  

Statistics prove that doulas increase the likelihood of a positive birth outcome, help women cope with labor through stress and anxiety lessening techniques such as breathing and massage, reduce the need for medical pain relief, shorten the duration of labor, lessen the likelihood of cesarean sections, and better the success of the breastfeeding relationship. 

As your doula, I provide 3 prenatal visits.  During those visits, we will do an abbreviated childbirth series to ensure that we are all on the same page when it comes to your big day.  I will also go over the specifics of my role, what I can and cannot do, as well as your rights, as a birthing woman, and the responsibilities of you and your partner.  My role is to support your wants and needs, to help facilitate clear and positive communication between you and your partner and medical staff, and help you achieve a safe AND positive birth experience.

I go on-call 2 weeks prior to your estimated due date and am available at all times, day or night from that point on until you deliver.  Prior to then, I am available during business hours for text, email, or phone support.  After your birth, I will stay up to 2 hours after your birth, if needed/wanted, to help you and your family in what ways possible.  

Once you are home, I provide one 1-hour postpartum home visit within the first two weeks after birth.  During these visits, we can discuss or work on various issues, including but not limited to breastfeeding/lactation, postnatal recovery, newborn care, sibling and/or partner relations, emotional support, and meal planning.




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