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But, what about this kind of birth?

There is a common misconception that doulas are only for home birthing, or natural birthing.  But, doulas are important for ANY birth: home, natural, medicated, unplanned or planned caesarean section.  However you choose, or need to birth, a doula is still a vital part of the birth team.

Even in a medicated birth, the use of a doula has been shown to reduce the number of medical interventions needed.  The doula may help the birthing woman feel safer, allowing her body to relax and work more naturally than if she were without this additional birth support. 


For cesarean births, a doula's presence can bring balance to birth partners, especially if the caesarean section was not planned.  This additional support allows the birth partner to focus on the birthing woman, or may allow the partner to stay with the newborn (particularly if the baby needs to go to the nursery for additional care), knowing that the birthing woman is well supported.  They may go back and forth, between woman and baby, ensuring that both are not left alone and are receiving full support.  

Through medicated or caesarean births, the doula is a constant support and encouragement, helping ensure that the birthing woman and her partner are receiving clear answers to their questions, are up-to-date on what all is happening, and helping with communication with the rest of the birth team so that the desires of the birthing woman are understood.  

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